Amplifying Voices of People with Disabilities

People with disabilities around the world are increasingly raising their voice and claiming their rights. Nothing About Us Without Us has become a popular call for accountability.

Yet, as studies by our members show, most people with a disability are still facing many barriers in communicating with authorities and finding their way through policy mechanisms. What exactly are these challenges? What are success factors for effective advocacy for disability inclusion?

What can we learn from ongoing initiatives, such as Breaking down Barriers, Communication Matters, and Change the Game? And how do we amplify these voices at an international level?

All of these topics were discussed in DCDD’s learning session on the 11th of April. Click here to read more about the insights shared during the session!


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Word lid van DCDD

Zet uw organisatie zich in voor het bereiken en betrekken van mensen met een beperking? Bent u benieuwd waar andere organisaties aan werken of mee worstelen als het gaat om disability inclusion? Dan heeft het lidmaatschap van DCDD veel voor u te bieden.

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Light of the World @lftwworldwide estimates that 111,000 girls, boys, women and men with disabilities have been directly affected by #cycloneIday.