“A Social Business Case for Disability Inclusion in Development”

Not only persons with a disability themselves, but societies at large, pay a high price for exclusion. Investing in inclusion will benefit society both socially and economically.

Did you know that:
… exclusion of people with disabilities from the labour market creates a national economic loss of up to 7 percent GDP?
… and that when children go through inclusive education their future wages raise by more than 25 percent?

We cannot afford to miss out on the contributions people with a disability make to our society! Investments in accessibility, participation, support measures and disability data need to be prioritized. The success of our fight against poverty and inequality depends on it.

Join us in calling for investments in disability inclusion by sharing this ‘social business case’ within your networks!

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Word lid van DCDD

Zet uw organisatie zich in voor het bereiken en betrekken van mensen met een beperking? Bent u benieuwd waar andere organisaties aan werken of mee worstelen als het gaat om disability inclusion? Dan heeft het lidmaatschap van DCDD veel voor u te bieden.

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