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Man showing others how to wash hands to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Published on: Apr 8, 2020

Are you looking for disability inclusive COVID-19 response tools? We have assembled a collection of practical tools such as sign-language videos, infographics, easy-read materials and accessible protection methods.

In March 2020, the World Health
Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease,
COVID-19, to be a pandemic, due to the speed

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Man and woman giving presentation

Published on: Mar 30, 2020

The learning event organized by Tunafasi and the Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development (DCDD) brought many people from various backgrounds (researchers, representatives from NGOs and philanthropic funds, journalists, experts and others) together to learn and discuss how to create more inclusive development programs. The learning event is part of

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Cover of the IASC guidelines manual

Published on: 10 Feb 2020

We are pleased to see that in 2020, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to commit to ensuring the needs of people with physical and cognitive disabilities are included in emergency aid, as guided by the humanitarian disability charter and in line with the UN CRPD.

This resulted in an IASC Guideline Workshop with

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Woman speaking to audience

Published on: Feb 1, 2020

From January 27 to 29, Voices for Inclusion took place in the Hague.

Voices for Inclusion is a joint project by Liliane Fonds, Voice and the Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development to foster a peer-to-peer exchange on advocacy and learning between 15 different organizations Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Nigeria, Indonesia and

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picture of people in group talking

Published on: Dec 20, 2019

What is the best way to strengthen political participation of people facing marginalisation and discrimination in the global South? How can unheard voices be amplified and connected in efforts to leave no one behind? What evidence exists about effective advocacy methods and collaborations?

These and other questions are central in the

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Infographic of report An Untapped Potential

Published On: Dec 3, 2019

December 3 is International Day of Persons with Disabilities – a great day to celebrate human diversity and to raise awareness of the fact that persons with disabilities around the world experience exclusion in every aspect of political, social, economic and cultural life.

Today, let’s be
reminded of the contributions people with disabilities make to

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