Members of Parliament ring the bell for inclusive education

On March 22, 300.000 children worldwide rang the bell for children with disabilities. Liliane Foundation organized the “We ring the bell campaign”, almost 600 schools in the Netherlands and 500 globally participated.

On the same day, a petition was presented to Members of the Dutch Parliament, to encourage them to take action on inclusion of children with disabilities in education, and to bring “Leave no one behind” into practice. This petition was supported by DCDD, Dorcas Netherlands, Royal Dutch Kentalis, Red een KInd, Edukans, Global Campaign for Education, Light for the World Netherlands, Light for the World International, Soft Tulip, ICS, Karuna Foundation and Terre des Hommes.
Read here the petition (in Dutch), the report ‘Onbelemmerd naar school’, and the full report in English “Enabling Education” (including the text of the petition)

A group of Members of Parliament made a lot of noise on “Het Plein”. Stientje van Veldhoven (D66), Joel Voordewind (CU), Eppo Bruins (CU), Elbert Dijkgraaf (SGP) and Henk Krol (50-Plus). Four children of the ‘Openbare Daltonschool’ in Honselersdijk presented the petition to the parlementarians.

In Honselersdijk, the petition was handed over to Corrie van Brenk (50-Plus) by two children, Nadia and Bas of the Mytylschool De Thermiek, together with Marlou van Rhijn (paralympic champion), Monique Wijnen and Kees van den Broek (CEO Liliane Foundation).

Attje Kuiken (PvdA) rang the bell in Breda on primary school ‘ Het Noorderlicht’

In many other countries in Asia, Latin-America and Africa schools rang the bell. In Cameroon, India, Benin and Colombia partner organisations of Liliane Foundation approached their national governments to advocate for inclusive education.

A picture of the Ring the Bell campaign in Cameroon: