DCDD cooperates with:

The International Disability and Development Consortium is a global consortium of disability and development non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and disabled people’s organisations (DPOs) supporting disability and development work in more than 100 countries around the world. DCDD is member of IDDC.

The ‘Nederlandse Alliantie voor Implementatie van het VN-Verdrag’ –a coalition of Dutch organisations representing people with disabilities like Coalitie voor Inclusie, Per Saldo, LFB, LPGGz en Ieder(in)– is the main negotiating partner regarding the UNCRPD towards the Dutch government. DCDD is represented in the Nederlandse Alliantie.

Breed Mensenrechten Overleg (BMO) is a coalition of Dutch NGO’s on human rights and development. DCDD is member of BMO.

Partos is the branche organisation of Dutch development NGO’s. DCDD participates in the advocacy working group of Partos. DCDD contributes actively to the “Dutch Leave No One Behind Platform”, powered by Partos. The platform focuses on inclusion of marginalized groups.