Organisational structure


DCDD is a network organisation with a light structure. The board meets every two months and is responsible for policy and strategies of DCDD and steering of the coordination. The board consists of representatives of members of DCDD and has a rotating chair. During bi-annual meetings, the board receives advise on policy and strategy of the coalition.

Board members:

Advocacy Task Group

Each member of DCDD can become part of the Advocacy Task Group, as long as members are willing to invest actively (in time and/or financially) in the implementation of the DCDD’s advocacy strategy. The Advocacy Task Group is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the advocacy projects of DCDD (as defined in the annual plan).

Advocacy Task Group members:


Lieke Scheewe and Ieke van Lammeren are the coordinators of DCDD. The coordinators are responsible for the implementation of the annual plan of DCDD, external contacts, contact with coalition members and reporting to the board.

Support on Financial administration and Communication is being carried out by the staff of members of DCDD.