– 2013 Manhattan Declaration on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities signed

Published on: Sep 26, 2013

2013 Manhattan Declaration on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities:
“The international community is on the way to elaborating a new international development framework beyond 2015. This is a great opportunity to ensure that national development processes supported by international cooperation aim towards inclusive societies and address discrimination and exclusion. We hereby stress the importance of ensuring accessibility for and inclusion of persons with disabilities in all aspects of development and of giving due consideration to all persons with disabilities and other marginalised groups in the emerging post-2015 United Nations development agenda”

Photo of UK’s Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development Lynne Featherstone signing a commitment to the inclusion of disabled people in international development, with Mosharraf Hossain Country Director for ADD International in Bangladesh. Mosharraf Hossain Country Director for ADD International in Bangladesh stated: “This is a milestone in the campaign to make sure disabled people are included in the development goals beyond 2015. Without making sure the most marginalized in the world receive equal access to employment, education and healthcare, the fight against poverty will be futile.”

“As a disabled person from Bangladesh working with thousands of people with disabilities, I strongly believe that global support at this time will ensure people with disabilities are no longer left behind. The UK’s leadership is key and we urge other states to commit to including 80 million people living with disability in developing countries worldwide in poverty targets.”

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