– Can DCDD give funding to my project / organisation?

The Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development was founded to combine the forces of individuals and development organisations to advocate for the inclusion of people with disabilities in developing countries. DCDD operates mainly at the Dutch level, focusing on advocacy at the Dutch parliament and ministries, NGOs and the private sector. We aim to influence the Dutch development sector to ensure equal access to and inclusion in humanitarian aid, trade and development programmes of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Aid & Trade) and its partners. Unfortunately, at this moment, DCDD does not have the financial capability to give funding to other organisations or projects.

However, we can connect you with our member organisation(s) working in the same regional context. From our home page, you can find a world map, which shows all the countries where our member organisations work. By hovering your mouse over any country, you can see which organisations operate in that country. Additionally, at our member page, you can see each of our member organisations mission, expertise, focus areas and countries by clicking that member organisation you are interested in.

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