Source is our online resource centre on disability and inclusion. Four new keylists have recently been added to the collection on a range of topics:

International cooperation

This keylist highlights information about Article 32 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the linkages between disability and the Millennium Development Goals. It features the policies of institutional international cooperation stakeholders on disability, the United Nations and World Bank initiatives on disability, and resources on disability inclusion in emergency contexts.

Leprosy and disability

This keylist aims to raise awareness on the issues of leprosy and disability providing access to key documents, tools and resources. It was produced in partnership with InfoLep.

Social empowerment

This keylist features resources that highlight all four levels of social empowerment through social work, personalised social support and general inclusion principles.

Education in emergencies

In an emergency, it is essential that education services are accessible and inclusive, especially in relation to the most vulnerable and excluded groups such as people with disabilities. This keylist features resources that support inclusive education in emergency settings.

Two keylists have also recently been updated:


The aim of this keylist is to raise awareness on deafblindness and to provide access to resources to support development practitioners, service providers and parents/carers. This keylist was produced in partnership with Sense International.

Disability research

This keylist provides introductory resources and useful reference tools and manuals about disability research and statistics. Examples of both quantitative and qualitative research are highlighted through recent global, regional and country level research.

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