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If you are working in the area of disability inclusion, participating in the DCDD network would be of added value. DCDD is a unique platform that facilitates knowledge sharing among individuals and organisations who care about global issues relating to inclusion and the UNCRPD. We focus strongly on lobby and advocacy toward the Dutch government to promote inclusive policies. In addition, we facilitate the sharing of knowledge and expertise and promote collaboration on common goals.

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What do we offer?

Participating enables you to broaden your network and to connect with other disability experts, advisors or organisations that work in the area of disability inclusion. As a DCDD participant, you take part in our knowledge sessions and general assemblies where you decide upon the platform’s strategies. Besides that, we stimulate our participants to set up or join working groups on themes of their interest.

As a participant, you…

Become part of an active network of development organisations, research and training institutes and individuals with experience and expertise on disability inclusion
Will be invited to attend our bi-annual general assemblies, in which we decide on our joint strategy and other matters concerning the development of the network
Receive four newsletters per year, with information on the latest developments, publications, etc.
Join our platform for learning and exchanging information on inclusion and get access to an international disability inclusion network
Will be invited to attend four knowledge sessions per year, to exchange ideas, experiences and practical tools with other organisations and disability inclusion experts
Have the opportunity to become part of advocacy initiatives of DCDD, and/or to receive support on lobby and advocacy
DCDD contribution
Type of participantPrice per year / €
Individual members100
Knowledge Institutes350
Organizational participants: annual turnover / €Price per year / €
Less than 100.000125
100.000-2 million500
2-5 millon1.500
5-10 million2.750
More than 10 million4.000

Please note that participants who register between May 31st and September 30th pay 50% of the contribution in the registration year. Participants who register after September 30th are considered as registrations for the new year (therefore they do not need to pay at the moment of registration, but they pay the full amount in the new year).

Interested in becoming a participant?

Please contact us at dcdd@dcdd.nl for more information about participation in the DCDD-network.



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