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Foto van een man die op krukken door een vluchtelingenkamp loopt.

Gepubliceerd op: 19 August, 2021

Persons with disabilities often experience barriers in accessing humanitarian response programmes. During disasters, their mortality rate is two to four times higher than that of persons without disabilities. Moreover, the extra risks of violence and abuse which women and children with disabilities face at any time, are exacerbated in times of

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Blind woman stands in front of her house whilst geese peck the ground around her for food.

Gepubliceerd op: 31 Mei, 2021

Onze onderzoeksstagiaire Emanuela is bezig met het maken van een praktische gids voor "disability-inclusive food security programs in low- and middle-income countries". De gids is bedoeld om programmacoördinatoren van 'mainstream' NGO's te helpen hun voedselzekerheidsprogramma's meer 'disability-inclusive' te maken. 

Besides providing some key facts and figures, its most

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African woman carrying a large metal pot on her head

Gepubliceerd op: 19 februari 2021

Access to food and land is a great challenge for people with disabilities worldwide. Social exclusion and inaccessible environments make people with disabilities vulnerable to hunger, malnutrition and the impact of disasters. The COVID-19 crisis not only exposes but also exacerbates these inequalities. To achieve Goal 2, “zero hunger”, of the Sustainable Development Goals

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Logos of Tunafasi and Liliane Foundation with the text DCDD small grants

Gepubliceerd op: 14 januari 2021

In 2019, DCDD has awarded ‘small grants’ to four of its participants for the first time. With the assistance of an independent jury, Dorcas, SOFT tulip, Tunafasi and Liliane Foundation were chosen as the four winning initiatives to carry out projects that promote disability inclusion in low- and middle-income countries. Recently

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Lineup of speakers for DCDD's 20 year anniversary

Gepubliceerd op: 3 december 2020

“20 years of working and fighting for inclusion of people with disabilities through international cooperation. This deserves a celebration! “ – Minister Sigrid Kaag

In the year 2000, a group of passionate disability inclusion professionals from The Netherlands came together and founded the Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development (DCDD), to learn

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Blind woman in colorful clothes walking with a stick and smiling

Gepubliceerd op: 3 december 2020

Despite skewed power relations, the global south has played an important role in the history of international disability policy. The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) which the Netherlands ratified as one of the last countries in the world, also challenges us to finally take action and

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