KidsCare Kenya

KidsCare Kenya is a registered trust working in LungaLunga Sub-County, Kwale. Established in 2010, KidsCare Kenya has blossomed into a well-functioning and dedicated organization, committed to helping each year more than 2000 orphans and vulnerable (mental and physical disabled) children. Working in close cooperation with specialized partners and in line with the government policy, KidsCare Kenya strives to create a better future for children.

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Taking children and families from a position of disadvantage to one of capability. Uniting people with the expertise to help children discover, develop and use their talents in order to give them a better future.

Disability expertise: 

Special abilities (mental and/or physical)

Focus areas: 

Community Homecare (familycare) for children is the main activity of KidsCare. The care starts by convincing caretakers that their children do have possibilities. That action brings many of them ‘in the light’. KidsCare mobilizes them to strive after their rights and assists them in medical, social, educational and economical fields. Where possible, KidsCare does that together with partners from the government or other specialized organizations.


Kenya, Kwale county, LungaLunga Sub-County.

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