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What we do

DCDD strives for a world in which people with disabilities enjoy equal rights and equal opportunities to participate in society, focusing on improving the lives of people with disabilities in developing countries. DCDD aims to influence the Dutch development sector by advocating our mission at the Dutch Parliament, the Ministry, NGOs and the private sector. DCDD works within networks and coalitions on putting disability inclusion related topics and themes higher on the political agenda. We are always looking for allies to reach our goal: full and effective participation of people with disabilities in every society.

DCDD is the Dutch platform for lobby, linking and learning towards disability inclusion in international cooperation

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We promote inclusive aid and trade policies, so that the rights of people with disabilities for equal access, participation and empowerment are embedded in a systematic way.
We bring together available expertise within The Netherlands and facilitate connections between our participants, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Aid and Trade), development organizations, humanitarian aid agencies, knowledge institutions, the private sector, and international networks of disability organizations.
Our participants have very diverse experiences and tools, regarding various types of disabilities, various contexts, etc. We maximize learning by facilitating exchange in thematic working groups, sharing tools and resources, developing new publications, and organizing events.

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