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We promote inclusive aid and trade policies, so that the rights of people with disabilities for equal access, participation and empowerment are embedded in a systematic way.

1Our overall lobby aim is to ensure the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD) and specifically Article 32 which applies to international cooperation.

2We hold development actors accountable on their international commitment to ‘Leave No One Behind’ on the road towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

3Together with our participants we set specific lobby goals and we closely cooperate with other advocacy networks, Dutch and international, to achieve them. The timeline below shows which steps towards disability inclusion have been taken since The Netherlands committed to the SDGs and ratified the UN CRPD.

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January 14

Parliament calls for disability mainstreaming in foreign aid, trade and human rights policies and dialogue

Dutch Parliament, "Tweede kamer"
The motion came from Dik-Faber (CU) and Van der Staaij (SGP). Read more in Dutch by clicking here.


November 26

Parliament calls for disability inclusive humanitarian aid

Dutch Parliament, "Tweede kamer"
The motion came from Van Laar (PvdA) and Voordewind (CU). Read the article (in Dutch) by clicking here.

September 28

Aid & Trade Minister Ploumen commits to the SDG principle of ‘leave no one behind’ in a 20-points action plan

The Global goals for sustainable development text and a round circle with different colors representing the goals
“Inclusieve ontwikkeling in de Nederlandse programma’s voor Buitenlandse Handel en Ontwikkelingssamenwerking” read the article in Dutch by clicking here.

July 1

Aid & Trade Minister Ploumen establishes Voice Fund (2016-2020), which supports advocacy projects of marginalized groups, including people with disabilities

Logo of Voice, text include. innovate. influence.
In English: “Voice, the Accountability Fund and the participation of civil society organisations in theme-based calls for proposals” In Dutch:..Read more

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