Meeting with Family Power at the MoFA

On May 24, Family Power, Wilde Ganzen, Better Care Network Netherlands (BCNN), Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development (DCDD), Partin, Radboud University and SOS Children’s Villages came together at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague. There is a great need for professionalisation of youth and child care worldwide, in which the child is central. Good care for children, preferably in their own family and if that is not possible in an alternative family or a (temporary) institution. A safe and loving place where they can develop their talents. Research shows that private initiatives are an important player in this global transition. Private initiatives were therefore fully represented. And that’s all too important!

Great initiatives such as the Mutual Learning Program of Family Power and Wilde Ganzen and the toolkits of the Better Care Network Netherlands were shared. The possible cooperation with embassies on this theme and the concerns about the orphanage tourism component within the travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were also mentioned. In addition, it became clear that a movement was slowly being set in motion to strengthen the transition to ‘every child a home’. Much attention is paid to the movement from the bottum up. Not only do private initiatives contribute to the transition to quality care for children within the family and community, we also work towards this awareness among donors.

Above all, it was unanimously stated that there is a need to deepen and broaden knowledge and cooperation to the entire sector of international cooperation that works for children in a vulnerable position, including children with disabilities. This collaboration has first taken shape within the idea of the Think Tank. Every four months, the group (in the broader context to which invitations are currently underway) will organise seminars to discuss new developments, challenges, opportunities, legislation, standards, guidelines, good practices and more. A fantastic development in which Wilde Ganzen is taking the lead and which we are really looking forward to! The next meeting is planned for September at Wilde Ganzen in Amersfoort.

DCDD participants Kidscare Kenia, Friendship Foundation, SOFT tulip and Wilde Ganzen are involved in Family Power. Read more about this initiative here.

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